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The Buffalo Bills reported no serious injuries from Sunday's game at New England.

Coach Marv Levy said both injured offensive linemen, Ruben Brown and Glenn Parker, are expected to be ready for Sunday's game against Washington.

Brown has a sprained ankle and missed the last two series of the Patriots game. He said it is not serious and he does not expect to miss any practice time.

Parker has a pulled left calf muscle.

"It's not as serious as the other one he had (a torn right calf muscle)," Levy said. "We'll see about him as the week goes on."

Levy said Bruce Smith has a bruised knee from the game with some swelling on it.

"He might miss a day of practice," Levy said. "Bruce played a pretty darn good game. He was close a lot of times (to sacks), put pressure on and played very well against the run."

Center Kent Hull has a turf toe injury.
The Bills report 5,000 tickets remained for Sunday's 4 p.m. game against the Redskins at Rich Stadium.
Levy and Steve Tasker argued vehemently with officials at the end of the first half, after New England kicked a field goal. Tasker said one of the Pats' linemen clearly moved prior to the snap on the play and it was an obvious penalty that was not called.
Levy was run over on the sideline by a Patriots punt coverage man in the third quarter. The coach hit the ground hard but was not hurt.

"They had a wideout going downfield who got forced out of bounds," Levy said. "He ran into me. I hope he's OK."
The safety the Bills allowed was not the fault of the offensive line. Levy confirmed it was a missed assignment by a back or a receiver (he wouldn't say which), who released from pass protection into the pass pattern instead of staying in to block. Levy said he also felt the intentional grounding call on Jim Kelly was improper, since there was a receiver close to his incomplete pass.

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