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"Tuesday Night Music Club," the Sheryl Crow album, sold nearly 8 million copies, but she regards the success with mixed feelings.

"It's unfortunate in some ways that the record did so well, because I lost friends over it," Crow, 34, says in Rolling Stone's Nov. 14 issue.

The problems arose when some of the studio musicians griped about not getting enough credit for their work.

"It all comes from the place of, 'How much did she do on her last record?' " Crow said. "I just think that's something I'm going to suffer, this bruise in the apple, until three or four albums from now. It's not anything I can't tolerate. It just makes me mad sometimes, because I know where it's coming from. Its just a lot of bitterness."

And just in case anyone's wondering about the extent of her musical abilities, Rolling Stone says Crow not only sings but also "handles guitars with some elan and keyboards with real virtuosity."

Her newest album, "Sheryl Crow," was released Sept. 24.

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