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It's easy to throw stones . . . try throwing a football.

Once again the Buffalo fans and the local media demonstrate their total lack of class. This time though the recipient of their verbal abuse is not Bryan Cox, but their own, most times effective, often times brilliant, always courageous, and now seriously demoralized Jim Kelly.

I must confess, I, too, often feel the pain and express the anger of that badly thrown pass or broken play. We are so quick to assign blame, should it not sometimes be credit to the opposition?

Ultimately, opponents are the ones to blame for the frustration we feel. Maybe we allowed ourselves to be caught up by all the media hype fueling our expectations; seems I remember early in the season this team was Super Bowl-bound. Well I think it's time we get hyped up and demonstrate our support for an ailing team and attempt to lift them up from their current slump.

Each Sunday some of the best talent in the NFL walks onto that field, led by one of the great quarterbacks. If there is any question I challenge you to review what has happened these past eight years. Let's cheer them on, not knock them down.

This season is far from over guys.
Niagara Falls

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