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Frustrated by problems with a new computer system in Town Hall, some town officials are talking about filing a lawsuit against the company that installed it.

The Town Board voted 5-0 last week to ask department heads to list their complaints about the computer system that was installed nearly a year ago by Executive Office Systems of Liverpool.

Town Supervisor Thomas E. Sharp said the board members could take the company to court. He said he spoke with Herbert Greenwood, a company representative, about the problems, and three weeks later Greenwood sent a letter to Charles J. Stojak, the town budget director, that "looked like it was done by a second-grader."

Stojak, who is in charge of making sure that town employees are paid every two weeks, said that out of 22 payrolls, only three were produced without problems in the computer system.

He also said the training he received from Executive Office Systems was not adequate.

"This has gone way beyond control," said Councilman Michael A. Johnson. "We can't even get the stuff that he put in done right."

Johnson suggested that board members send a letter to Greenwood, threatening a lawsuit. The board members took no action on his suggestion, however.

Councilwoman Paulette A. Glasgow said the fault for the computer problems lies with both the company and some town employees. "They were against this software and the programs from Day 1," she said.

She charged that some town employees "get cases of amnesia" when they are sent for computer training.

She added that representatives of Executive Office Systems forgot how to conduct training once they arrived at Town Hall.

Steven L. Reiter, administrator at the town's Water Pollution Control Center, said he had unhooked his computer from the network because of problems he was having with it. "I can't even go into the system and get a reading," he said.

Reached by telephone at his Liverpool office, Greenwood said, "There's nothing wrong with the computer system."

He said Sharp last asked him for some additional detail on the system, which he said he provided.

Sharp then told him to wait until after the budget meeting to address the problems, he added.

One possible problem, Greenwood said, was that an employee changed a password and "locked up the system."

He said town employees have no direction to follow on the computer system because there is no system administrator in Town Hall.

"I guess if there's an issue down there, it would probably be in the fact that no one is in charge," he said.

Greenwood said he would be happy to meet with the employees.

After learning that Sharp had said Greenwood was not good about returning telephone calls, he said, "That is absolutely not true."

"I called him back immediately," Greenwood said. "Any time they want to get hold of me they can."

"I think there's some underlying political issues that may be taking place," he added.

Greenwood said he was concerned that somebody may have taken a computer system from the tax office and given it to the engineer's office. "That's not something you can do," he said.

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