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I couldn't agree more with Jerry Sullivan's Oct. 11 column, "Football is Different." The high school playing field should be level and all schools should have an opportunity to compete, not just for a regional or state championship, but also for the student-athlete's opportunity to compete fairly with other student athletes. That's why the private schools should be admitted to Section VI as well as the Catholic schools.

The argument goes that these schools can draw from anywhere in Western New York. The truth is that most of the public schools in suburban and rural areas, like Lake Shore, draw from large areas as well.

My one complaint with Sullivan's column was his failure to discuss the Buffalo Public Schools' exclusion from Section VI competition and why they continue to play for the limited goal of the Harvard Cup. There are many talented players and coaches in Buffalo that never get the chance to show their stuff against suburban schools, not to mention even playing for the Section VI or state championships. This competition could also help in college recruiting.

Who's responsible for this exclusion? Section VI officials or the Buffalo Board of Education? The football playing field should be level for all high schools, public or private, rural or suburban.

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