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Concerning the Oct. 10 editorial on the Buffalo Philharmonic and the role of the music director:

As I see it, the music director's primary responsibility is to ensure an artistic integrity for a group of highly skilled employees. He/she has to design a musical course for a season, or seasons.

He/she selects music and musical events and then hires special artists to come to work with the orchestra. Then, a lot of time is spent preparing to conduct most of those concerts. A certain tone, an excitement, a love of exploring music is expected.

Yes, the music director has to be the ambassador for the orchestra -- a vital, friendly and welcoming agent in the community. The job is to encourage people to come to the concerts and enjoy what is waiting for them. To me, that is a tall order.

The administrators also have their parts. These people are the businessmen in the community who know what it takes to keep a worthwhile enterprise moving forward. These people have to personally understand that music -- all kinds of music -- is important to refresh the soul and make life worth living.

OK, there are problems. But let's not totally fault the artist when the administrators have been to blame.


Valdes displayed grace

As the Buffalo Philharmonic season begins, let me, for one, give a vote of appreciation to Maximiano "Max" Valdes for his efforts in keeping the BPO the jewel that it is.

While many did not think he worked hard enough during the bad times, may it be reminded that, unlike Lukas Foss who left when the BPO began to have problems, Max stayed and took many of the bad comments written about him with the grace he used to conduct the orchestra.

And Mrs. Valdes, while living in Italy with their children, was here for all important events.


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