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The Hyatt Regency Buffalo will be the scene of the American Contract Bridge League's Election Day Regional Tournament, Nov. 5-10. Sharon Benz, chairwoman, said the regional will have single-session novice games as well as bracketed morning knockout games to help fatten master point totals. Joan Rose, 835-9779, is handling partnerships.

Overall winners in the Frontier Unit 116 Charity Game Oct. 19 were: 299ers, Lorraine Ciavatta and Ed Borosky; Flight B, Nancy Wolstoncroft and Carol Siracuse; and Flight A, V.S. Vaidhyanathan and Chris Kellogg, tie, Stan Kozlowski and Terry Band.

The Bridge Centre, 2917 Walden Ave., Depew, will have club championships at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday and 7:30 p.m. Saturday. Next Sunday, there will be a Winners Plus handicap pairs game at 7 p.m.

Duplicate Scores
ABA Bridge Club -- North-south, Curtis Stokes and Bailey Leftwich, 104; east-west, Arthur English and Charles Ryan, 90, possible 140.

B&P Amherst Friday morning -- North-south, Audrey Phillips and LaVern Lewis, 141; Eunice Garey and Norma Gelose, 106; east-west, Shirley Lyth and Jacqueline Solomon; Lee Gordon and Will Sanscraninte, 111.5, possible 216.

B&P 4 Seasons Monday morning -- North-south, Betty Lawrence and Ann Edwards, 104.5; Mary Ehrichman and Rosemary Richert, 71.5, possible 168; Jan Butler and Mel Braun, 92; Jan Butler and Mel Braun, 92, possible 168.

B&P Duplicate Tuesday morning -- Howell, Deborah Drury and Harold Meyers, 28.5; Nita Ferrell and Ann Edwards, 28.5, tie, possible 48.

B&P Duplicate Thursday evening -- Howell, Maria and Bob Winkler, 29.5; Betty Witzleben and Shirley Pacini, 24.5; Audrey Phillips and Donald Lynch; possible, 48.

Bridge Centre Monday morning -- Judith Fischer and Patricia Burnes, 49; Robert Cruser and Rita Sierocinski, 47.

Bridge Centre Monday evening -- North-south, Doyle and Linda Godwin, 20; east-west, Charles and Irene Basse, 18.83.

Bridge Centre Monday evening -- North-south, Ethel R. Reisch and Joan P. Smith, 196; Steve Shanley and Steve Rashkin, 171; east-west, Fenton Harrison and Kathryn Rogers, 215.

Bridge Centre Tuesday morning -- North-south, Betty Dorio and Tom Poland, 125.5; Elsie Braun and Shirley Bingeman, 93.5; east-west, Mary Carr and Anne Barels, 111.38; Geraldine Mayfield and Reta McCoy, 101.25; John Giordano and Eva Schmidt, 101.25; Sara Campbell and Margorie Blakely, 100.13.

Bridge Centre Tuesday evening -- Howell. North-south, James Keegan and Roger Lehman, 132; east-west, Joan R. Rose and Walter S. Majewski, 124.88.

Bridge Centre Wednesday morning -- North-south, Judy Graff and Don Cameron, 164.5; east-west, Dorothy Boyd and Anne Watkins, 171.

Bridge Centre Wednesday evening -- North-south, Joyce C. Kindt and Paul J. Orosz, 107.92; Eva Schmidt and Pinky L. Regan, 90.32; east-west, William Schlaerth and Anne E. Licata, 111.

Bridge Centre Wednesday evening -- Bob Andersen and Walter S. Majewski 86.5; Jay Levy and Jim L. Mathis, 86.

Bridge Centre Thursday morning -- Judy Graf and Nita Ferrell, 66.66; Faith A. Perry and Lorraine Ciavatta, 61.59; Linda S. Vassallo and Robert Fellman, 57.25.

Bridge Centre Thursday evening -- Terry Fraas and Paul L. Piciulo, 42.58; Edith and Norbert Knaszak, 41.50.

Bridge Centre Thursday evening -- Betty Dorio and Don Cameron, 51.5; Faith A. Perry and Lorraine Ciavatta, 49; James Hoover and Charles Tripi, 46.5.

Bridge Centre Friday morning -- Philip S. Thomas and Robert Cruser, 75.24; Trudy Manaher and Elizabeth M. Ostolski, 66.52.

Bridge Centre Saturday afternoon -- Trudy Manaher and Corliss Dye, 111.46; Terry Band, Surau Jain, 107.15.

Bridge Centre Sunday evening -- North-south, Trudy Manaher and Bette Ostolski, 110; Joan Sherry and Ruth Hnath, 80; east-west, Cleveland Flemming and Emily Gilbert, 102.

Buffalo Whist Monday -- North-south, Sharon Benz and Don Heisler, 129.4; east-west, Judy Graf and Walter Bluestone, 125.6; possible 216.

College Club Wednesday morning -- North-south, Jane Hansen and Ruth Wells, 85; east-west, Marion Kramer and Lucille Peterson, 75.5; possible 126.

Delaware Wednesday evening -- North-south, Nels Larsen and Ceil Kennedy, tie, Mel Ferris and Dorothy Kumrow, 95; east-west, Dick Czarnecki and Adam Dzimian, 95, possible 168.

Duplicate Bridge Friday -- North-south, June Miles and Randy Wheeler, 72; east-west, Kay Renshaw and Laverne Jenkins, 72, possible 120.

East Aurora Wednesday morning -- Peg Schuller and Jean Coy, 80; Nita Farrell and Art Schumacher; possible 135.

East Aurora Sunday -- Rhoda and Will Eagle, 62; Maria and Bob Winkler, 58, possible 108.

Hamburg Community Monday evening -- Carol Ehinger and Prudy Ciminelli, 76.5; Robert and Maria Winkler, 66.94.

Lockport Duplicate Tuesday evening -- North-south, Florence Smith and Jean Rosenthal, 120; Don and Miriam Regnet, 102; east-west, Peg and Bill Rieker 141.5; Sandy Lechner and Irene Seefeldt, 125, possible 216.

Lockport Duplicate Saturday -- Howell, Mary Costello and Roy Crocker, 53.5; Peg and Bill Rieker, 51.5; possible 84.

Margaret McCarthy Friday evening -- North-south, Alice Lind and Phyllis A. Post, 124; Scottie Johnson and Jane Yates, 96; east-west, Claire Chodorow and Pat Rasmus, 130.5; Paul J. Orosz and Michael Ryan, 118.5.

Orchard Park Tuesday -- North-south, Rhoda and Will Eagle, 52, possible 75; east-west, Doris and Irv Sullivan, 38, possible 60.

TOTs Center Wednesday afternoon -- North-south, Norma Gelose and Caroline Straek, 82.5; east-west, Holly Dawes and Jennifer Reynolds, 82; possible 144.

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