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In response to a recent letter on partial-birth abortions:

I applaud the large delegation of Catholic bishops and cardinals that descended upon Washington to plead for an over-ride of Clinton's veto of Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act 1833, passed by Congress in March 1996, which included the phrase, "except to save the life of the mother."

The letter writer stated: that partial-birth abortion "is not exactly an epidemic worthy of federal legislation and is clearly a last-resort effort to protect the health and lives of a small number of women." Nonsense!

This is the procedure: The physician extracts the fetus feet-first through the birth canal until all of the body is delivered except for the head. Then a surgical scissors is used to puncture into the base of the fetus skull and the brain is suctioned out, killing the late-term infant.

The excruciating pain suffered by these tiny, innocent, sweet victims is too horrible to even imagine, compounded by the fact that it was by their mother's right to "choose" that they were forced to suffer this horrible death.

In summary, it is an obscenity that President Clinton, who left the United States to avoid the draft and the possibility of being forced to fight and die for this great country, now has the presidential power to veto a law passed by Congress to protect infants from the excruciating pain and death through a partial-term abortion. These precious and innocent victims cannot run and hide like this coward. Therefore, they will join their little brothers and sisters in death.


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