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Since the presidential campaign began, I've read hundreds of views and opinions. Throughout, only one issue stands out: The Clintons have convinced 50 percent or more of the people that character, integrity and truthfulness are not important. This is a masterful political move, but oh-so-damaging to us all.

More disturbing are the daily debates that do not question whether the Clintons have character, but whether it matters. This is a new all-time low in the perception of the highest office in our land.

Even Bill Clinton's main supporters don't try to defend his character or integrity. Instead, they emphasize the example of others who also lie and deceive the public, thereby further lowering the standards of the presidency to accommodate his high disregard for the truth and our national character.

Voters should remember that the next president may appoint three new Supreme Court justices. Who should make these selections?

George Schmidt Williamsville

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