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I recently completed reading the series titled "Who Stole the Dream." To say I found it disturbing is an understatement. It is simply further proof that our lawmakers are out of touch with the lives of their constituents. Maybe the only way they can understand the demoralizing and financial impact of downsizing is for them to experience it.

After all, do we really need two senators per state? Wouldn't one be just as effective? And as far as that goes, certainly the remaining senator from a smaller state, say Rhode Island, could absorb some of the work of a large state, say California.

What about the possibility of recruiting lawmakers from abroad? I would think it is a fair bet that lawmakers from Russia, India or Colombia would be willing to work for far less, both in wages and benefits. As far as that goes, do we really need more than just a headquarters presence in Washington? Why not move the whole Congress to Mexico and just let the president stay in Washington?

Catherine Campbell Akron

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