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A bull moose that spent several days wandering the farms of Cayuga County is back in the Adirondacks -- minus his antlers.

The state Department of Environmental Conservation had the moose's 52-inch rack sawed off so the tranquilized animal could be transported to Inlet, about 100 miles northeast of Syracuse.

Some local residents questioned the decision.

"Some of us at work are concerned about cutting the antlers off during rutting season, leaving the moose defenseless in a fight with another male over a female. Was that the humane thing to do?" asked Marilyn Nye of Oswego County.

Alan Hicks, a DEC wildlife biologist, said the rutting season is usually over by the first week of October. The moose will grow a new set of antlers for next year, just as big, he said.

"We could not safely transport the moose with the antlers on. They were too big," Hicks said.

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