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A suspected Townsend Street drug dealer known to collect memorabilia added another arrest report to his
collection Tuesday night.

James F. Durda, 56, of 225 Townsend St. had more than a half-ounce of crack cocaine packaged and ready for sale from his home, according to Detective Alan Rozansky of the Sheriff's Department Narcotics Unit. Durda faces at least two drug-related charges.

Accounts of Durda's lifetime collection of Batman memorabilia somewhat overshadowed a previous arrest in May 1994. Bemused Buffalo police detectives reported finding a collection of the fictional crime fighter's signature capes and masks and a mass of photographs accumulated over 43 years, as well as a "bat cave" remodeling job in the basement.

Tuesday night, detectives came across an old newspaper clipping on that arrest in a bedroom in Durda's house,
Rozansky said.

A variety of property traded in exchange for drugs was found in the house, the detective said. So much that when it was time for detectives to head back downtown with their evidence, Detectives Tim Higgins and Mike Pliszka made the trip on bicycles that were confiscated from the home, Rozansky said.

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