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It's one of those opinionated days . . .

Let me get this straight. The Sabres' ownership team, their noses out of joint over a story in The News, actually called a meeting in order to issue a two-page statement telling the public about the "able and energetic" folks they have running their organization?

If their guys are so "able and energetic," how come the team hasn't advanced beyond the first round of the playoffs more than once since 1983? How come the Sabres fire blanks in draft after draft and still keep the same scouts on the payroll?

And how come John Muckler, that "able and energetic" general manager, did absolutely zilch to improve the product on the ice since last season?

If I were a member of the ownership team, I would worry a lot more about empty seats in the Marine Midland Arena than stories in the newspaper.
Not only have the Bills scored fewer points than any AFC team and been outscored by 13 points overall, but you have to go back to 1985 to find a Buffalo team which averaged fewer points per game.

That '85 team finished 2-14 and Kay Stephenson was replaced as coach by Hank Bullough four games into the season.

The current Bills won't stay at the head of their division very long at their present scoring pace.
The NBA exhibition game between Toronto and Miami was not one of the great promotions in Niagara Frontier history. Ticket prices were cut in half 90 minutes before tipoff.

How would you like to pay $90 for a courtside ticket and then discover that the person next to you paid $45?
Consider me cold-hearted if you like, but I'm tired of hearing about Gilbert Perreault's alienation from the Sabres. Let them work it out privately or put a cork in it.
Canisius' defense is the Division I-AA version of Atlanta's pitching staff. It's a shame the non-scholarship Griffs and Buffalo State aren't scheduled to play each other this year.
Wisconsin's Barry Alvarez is a fine football coach, but he and his staff blew it in not finding some way to smother the last minute and 30 seconds to preserve the Badgers' victory over Northwestern.

Instead, they risked a handoff to an inexperienced back and the rest is history: An improbable last-second victory by the Wildcats.

Not only did Alvarez try to squirm out of an indefensible position, but Northwestern coach Gary Barnett tried to back up his alibi.

Now that the witness protection program has become so successful, the Mafia has been replaced by football coaches as the tightest brotherhood.
Isn't it great that the Army-Navy game will actually mean something this season?
There must be some sort of contest to see who can design the ugliest modern sports uniforms, but my vote goes to the University of Colorado football players who wear those long black stockings melding into black shoes with no interruption of balance by another color.

They all look like extras in "A Midsummer-Night's Dream."
There wasn't enough hype to trumpet the entrance of Tiger Woods into the pro golf tour. He's better than even the cockeyed optimists expected him to be.

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