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Gossip columnist Francesca Chapman reports that the Stone Temple Pilots are getting their act together and taking it on the road, now that lead singer Scott Weiland has completed the court-ordered drug rehab that forced them to cancel summer dates.

And he's talking like a team player.

"I feel like a young kid," Weiland said in a radio interview. "I'm really excited.

"We did what we had to do and things are coming around. We have a great opportunity. I'm just really grateful to go out and play with these guys. I really missed being around them and playing with them."


And more music news from Francesca: The big hair continues to fly in the David Lee Roth-Van Halen brouhaha.

Earlier, Roth complained that members of the aging rock band had led him down the garden path, promising to hire him back as lead singer.

When word got out that they had no such plan, Roth sent out an open letter saying he had been the victim of a "deception."

Band members Eddie and Alex Van Halen and Michael Anthony recently issued their own statement: "We parted company with David Lee Roth 11 years ago for many reasons. In his open letter of Oct. 2, we were reminded of some of them."


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Oasis, which people have been saying is going to break up, is telling fans to expect a new album out next year. . . . Brandy is taking over the lead role in a CBS musical version of "Cinderella" from Whitney Houston. (Whit will play the fairy godmother instead.)


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-- Knight-Ridder

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