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With the political season in full flower, our national politicians and their apologists have perfected the art of deception. They are out there, en masse, to diffuse, confuse and obfuscate. They regularly appear on the Sunday morning talk-show circuit. Their incredible skills at spin control are a sight to behold and a wonder indeed.

When faced with an unpleasant or embarrassing question or charge, they deny it, divert it or deflect it. And, if nothing else works, they will change the question to one more easily controlled and answer that one. Or they will say that the unfortunate event or occurance must be viewed in a larger context that will be studied. Reason, truth and logic are turned inside out.

They are shameless, and, when not challenged for accuracy by the media, an unsuspecting public, conditioned to news in 30-second sound bites, is no longer able to discern the distortions of facts and events within their larger contexts.

The next time viewers see someone in a political debate or watch a partisan political attack ad, they should know that the smiling face delivering the message may be a media creation. As he makes those scathing political charges or tells all those nice things about his party, know and understand that they may be distortions, half-truths or outright lies he tells without guilt, without conscience, without a second thought.

In his case, those eyes may not be the mirrors of his soul but only reflections of focus groups and media advisers who have synthesized and sanitized the message to a form they know will work.

James J. Krause Tonawanda

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