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The Oct. 10 editorial commenting on the resignation of Supervisor George Kanner announced that "The cleanup of Local 210 can't be declared a success yet" and went on to speculate, "The attractions of reform have not yet overcome whatever else influences the 1,300 members of Local 210." The premise, of course, is that the union is corrupt and its members are under the control of sinister forces. But the objective facts are inconsistent with this view.

After 30 years of investigation, no administrative, civil or criminal court has found that a leader of the union or of its benefit funds had stolen union money, misused union property, intimidated union members, rigged union elections or coerced union contractors. And this despite the fact that from 1973 until 1988 Local 210 was headed by Ron Fino, a government informant who has testified he averaged eight contacts a month with federal agents throughout his tenure in office.

As for the disciplinary hearing now under way, bear in mind that it was me and other defendants who requested, unsuccessfully, that it be open to our fellow members and to the press. The champions of "reform" mentioned in the editorial were the ones who insisted the hearing be secret.

All of this might explain why Local 210's rank and file isn't convinced that it needs to be rescued and why, when given a vote, members chose to put their trust in people whose loyal service is a matter of record.

Victor J. Sansanese:wq! Buffalo

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