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It shocks me to hear talk show hosts and certain prominent members of the media repeatedly say that Todd Collins won't take the Bills to the Super Bowl, for they assume that Jim Kelly will. Listen to Marv Levy: "The likelihood of us making a change is infinitesimal. Until I say otherwise, Jim's our starter. I think it's unfair or unsettling for me to discuss it. The day will come -- it might come three years from now -- when Jim Kelly isn't our quarterback."

Was I at a different game? Sounds like Marv's into his trademark Kelso-Corey denial pattern. Don't kid yourself, calling a play-action (or is it play-still) pass on the 2 reeked of coaching justification. Regardless of how bad Jim's been playing, he'll lead us to the promised land.

There was only one problem against a weak, but disciplined Dolphin team. Just as the big crowd was deflated by Kelly's failings, the players' body language on the sideline and subsequent play demonstrated their loss of faith as well. Wake up Marv, Kelly's going to take you and/or your coaches down with him. Furthermore, this team may erupt from within. Hang in there fans, it's going to get ugly.

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