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Actress Heather Locklear, on her sex appeal: "Now, to remind myself I can look good, I keep many flattering pictures of myself around the house."

Smashing Pumpkins guitarist Billy Corgan, on growing up in the '70s vs. the '90s: "The media saturation is way worse. Now you turn on the TV, and there's fashion and culture and news aimed directly at 16-year-olds. It's taken alittle bit of the naivete out of growing up, so people are growing up faster without the skills to actually deal with the world."

Singer Dolly Parton, on her hair: "All country girls gotta have big hair. I love big hair. It's like my crowning glory."

Actor Harry Belafonte,star of "Kansas City," on contemporary black films: "We've developed a whole culture of caricatures. I know a lot of guys in the 'hood who don't dress with Nikes and 'dreads' and baggy clothes, but you never see that."

President Clinton, on when he'll be ready for his daughter, Chelsea, to move out: "OK, she leaves home at 25 and gets married at 30. But I'm afraid she's going to leave home a lot before that."

Republican presidential nominee Bob Dole, joking about his running mate: "Jack Kemp was telling how he was battered, bruised, down on the ground and out of breath, and I said, 'Enough about politics, let's talk about football.' "