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It's time the fans of Buffalo acknowledge the obvious: Jim Kelly is finished. This has been obvious to me ever since he could not lead a much younger, much more talented team to victory over the Giants in our first Super Bowl, and it has been downhill ever since. The fans try and hide what has been obvious by calling him "the warrior," discussing his toughness, and saying how he led us to four Super Bowls.

Statistically, he has never been comparable to John Elway or Dan Marino. Just look at his 3:1 interception to touchdown ratio this year or his quarterback rating. Stats don't lie.

Unfortunately, Jim will not quit. Marv Levy has no guts to do the obvious, so it is up to you, Ralph Wilson, to put Jim Kelly out to stud just like the thoroughbreds you own. Even the great Cigar will retire after this year. We will not win the Super Bowl with Jim Kelly. Watch those waiver wires for Jeff George, Mr. Wilson.

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