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keepers by Alice Schertle, illustrated by Ted Rand; Lothrop Lee & Shepard, $16 -- The talented poet offers a wide range of keepsake poems, of the first day of school, of shipwrecks and skeleton keys, of frogs and lizards and dinosaur bones, in this charming collection. Particularly fine is this one: Dinosaur bone/alone,alone/keeping a secret/old as stone//deep in the mud/asleep in the mud/tell me, tell me/dinosaur bone/What was the world/when the seas were new/ and ferns unfurled/and strange winds blew?/Were the mountains fire? Were the rivers ice? /Was it mud and mire? Was it paradise? How did it smell, your earth, your sky? How did you live? how did you die? How long have you lain/alone, alone? Tell me, tell me, dinosaur bone.

Coral Reef, A City That Never Sleeps by Mary M. Cerullo, photos Jeffrey L. Rotman; Cobblehill, $16.99 -- The creatures of the coral reef are vividly depicted in Rotman's breathtaking photos and Cerullo's lyrical prose. ("Finned assassins, armed with razor-sharp teeth, lurk among the shadows.") Cerullo, as she did in "Sharks: Challengers of the Deep," avoids dull prose and draws us into the drama of this unique ecosystem, using a 24-hour time period as a way to structure her story. -- Jean Westmoore
The Firekeeper, by Robert Moss; Forge, $6.99 -- "A mystical journey, a breathtaking adventure tale and a passionate exploration of the human heart."

Stitches in Time, by Barbara Michaels; Harper, $6.99 -- An antique bridal quilt has magic power in this modern Gothic novel. -- Ed Kelly