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Kenneth Greer cried foul when a runner slammed into him at home plate during a church league softball game. He struck out in court, however, when he sued over his injuries.

Greer claimed Martin Davis intentionally and recklessly ran into him while he was playing catcher during a 1990 game in Corpus Christi. He sought $750,000 from Davis for mental and physical injuries, the nature of which were not immediately known.

The umpire testified that the collision was an accident.

On Friday, the Texas Supreme Court overturned an appeals court ruling in Greer's favor Friday, saying he played at his own risk.

Anyone who voluntarily plays in a competitive sport assumes the risks of getting injured in contact that is inherent to the game, Justice Raul Gonzalez wrote.

"Fear of litigation will alter the nature of the game if participants in athletic contests are forced to endure the costly ordeal of trial every time an injury occurs on the playing field and the injured player makes an accusation of reckless or intentional conduct," Gonzalez wrote.

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