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A woman in Michigan wished that today would never come: the two-year anniversary of the disappearance and likely death of her daughter, who lived in Hamburg.

"I wish I could wake up and it would be the 18th," said Sharon Piotrowski. "Logically, everything points to her being dead, but in my heart I can't accept that and still hold out hope she's alive."

Anjanette Piotrowski, 21, has been missing since Oct. 17, 1994. Police are convinced she is dead, probably murdered, but they can't prove it.

"Officially, we have a missing person under extremely suspicious circumstances," Town of Hamburg Detective Sgt. Thomas Biersbach said. "Personally, I think she's dead."

Police not only think she was murdered, they think they know who did it.

She was last seen with the father of her ex-boyfriend, and it is no secret police think he was responsible.

"He remains our No. 1 suspect," said Detective Capt. Thomas M. Best.

The man, who still lives in the area, was questioned extensively. But without a body, there is no physical evidence of a crime.

When contacted by The News, he said he hasn't heard anything either and already told the police everything he knows. He declined to comment further.

Police spent months trying to link a headless, handless corpse of a woman found in Lake Ontario in April 1995 to the missing woman. DNA testing finally eliminated the possibility of it being Ms. Piotrowski.

The missing woman came from a troubled past before being adopted by the Piotrowskis when she was 5. She was born a heroin addict due to her mother's addiction and as a teen-ager was promiscuous and experimented with drugs.

But no matter where she was or what she was doing, she always stopped to call home on special occasions.

"August 13th was her birthday, and I was wishing and hoping for a phone call," Mrs. Piotrowski said. "Sometimes I'll see someone on the street and think for a second it's her. But of course it isn't.

"Last year, we planted a peach tree in her memory because she loved peaches. But this year, I think we'll just all be together and remember her as she was."

Mrs. Piotrowski and her husband, Michael, have 15 children, 12 adopted. They live in Saginaw, Mich.

Mrs. Piotrowski has maintained contact with the police and said they are doing all they can.

One of the problems was Ms. Piotrowski's disappearance was not reported for a week, when co-workers became concerned. Police were left with a cold trail.

Ms. Piotrowski had moved to Western New York with her boyfriend in February 1994. They eventually split up, and he returned to Michigan while she stayed here. She was working two minimum-wage jobs and living in a Hamburg motel at the time of her disappearance.

She was last seen in Broderick Park, Buffalo, with the ex-boyfriend's father. They had a disagreement, and he left on foot.

Her car was found a few days later in South Buffalo.

Police acknowledged they face a difficult task but insist they haven't given up.

"We need a break, and you never know where it might come from," Best said. "We were just in court on an 18-year-old homicide. We won't give up."

Anjanette Piotrowski of Hamburg was last seen two years ago today.

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