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There is a trend to remove and destroy trees that disturbs me. A developer in Lancaster threatened to destroy a thicket of trees as "blackmail" for approval of his project, which will destroy many of the trees. In Buffalo, Niagara Square was landscaped with new trees, but the existing trees were removed. Tonawanda and Amherst have plans to remove trees in order to widen streets, even though the residents are protesting the loss of their trees and state that the streets do not need widening. These instances are typical of many other actions that have been proposed or implemented.

I propose the establishment of a preservation area throughout Erie County to manage our trees. We need laws that would require a permit before anyone -- government, commercial or private -- is allowed to cut down a tree. For every tree that is cut down, another tree should be planted in a nearby location. Before such a permit is issued, full consideration should be given to the effect the loss of the tree will have on the future.

Donata G. Ahern Holland

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