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They have nothing to run on this year, and JFK High School athletes won't have a completed track next spring either, the Cheektowaga-Sloan School Board said Wednesday night.

Although the foundation and binder codes of the track are done, excessive rain this fall halted the final surfacing.

Representatives of Turner Construction, the firm overseeing the project, reluctantly advised waiting until next year to apply the expensive rubberized layer.

"The temperatures need to be 50 degrees and higher for two weeks for proper curing," said Turner representative Kurt Johnson. "The product is too unpredictable -- it isn't worth the risk."

Frustrated, the board decided to follow the recommendation of engineers and delay completion of the project but asked about the possibility of applying the asphalt surface now with temporary striping, to provide the track team practice area in the spring.

"I would like to see our kids at least practice here," said board President Claire Ferrucci. "There are already enough disappointments with things not happening here like they were supposed to."

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