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The general condition of the buildings and facilities in the Niagara-Wheatfield Central School District have improved over the past three years but spending decisions still have to be made, the School Board was told Wednesday.

Donna Ersing, director of facilities, said a number of electrical and safety problems still exist and the board needs to decide where money should be spent.

New computers for the high school would be welcomed, but perhaps the building should be rewired first, she noted. She listed a number of similar comparisons in her report and suggested the board needed to choose which was more important.

However, since the 1993 school year, several improvements and repairs have been made by the board that have eliminated hazardous and unsightly conditions, she said.

Board member Beverley Herstek said she took offense by the report. She has been on the board nearly 13 years and its efforts always have been dedicated toward the improvement of facilities.

Mrs. Herstek said the board has sometimes been forced to take money away from repairs to fund instructional programs.

Member Dorothy Repetski concurred that the remediation efforts go beyond the past three years.

In other business, the board:

Created a committee to oversee the purchasing process in regard to facility improvements. Board President Timothy Tomsen said the committee would make recommendations in December.

Was told by Mrs. Herstek that it needs to study its requests to send work to the school attorney. Last month, the legal bills came to more than $12,000 she said.

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