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Fredonia school officials are continuing to gather information about the theft of $430 from football team members' wallets Saturday in the locker room at Lackawanna High School during a football game.

Meanwhile, a parent of one of the players asked the Fredonia School Board Tuesday to prohibit the two teams from playing each other for at least three years.

After the theft, she said, words were reportedly exchanged between team members.

"The potential for a fight was very possible," said Carol Schiralli, who said her son was walking down a hallway past the Lackawanna locker room and asked the players to help in retrieving the money.

"The conversation degenerated into racial slurs and the threat of violence," Mrs. Schiralli said. "There is potential for the argument to continue, and I want to make sure it does not."

"There's a lot of animosity and anger there," she added.

Mrs. Schiralli said her family witnessed the altercation.

"I'm not saying the (theft) occurred because we were in Lackawanna," she said. "It could have happened anywhere. If you have an unlocked locker room, someone is going to cause trouble."

Superintendent James Coon said he was unaware there were problems other than the theft. He said information will be gathered from all sides of the issue before he makes any recommendation to the board.

Lackawanna police said today the theft is still under investigation.

Police apparently have a good description of the suspect, who reportedly claimed to have a medical problem and asked someone monitoring the locker room if he could use the restroom, Fredonia High School Principal Terry Redman said.

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