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Police arrested Robert J. Daloise, 58, of 1163 Ashland Ave. Tuesday for stealing gas from National Fuel through an illegal hookup to his home, Detective Lt. John Chella said.

The man's home also was condemned by city housing inspectors for being in violation of safety codes, particularly in relation to the way he was supplying the house with electrical power, Chella said. The condemned status will remain until the house is brought back up to code, he added.

Daloise was charged with theft of services, resisting arrest and a city noise ordinance violation by Detectives Patrick Stack and Joseph Cowell.

He is accused of bypassing National Fuel's meter system so he could supply his home with gas for free after the company cut off his supply on Sept. 5 for apparent non-payment of bills, Chella said.

It was not the first time Daloise has had legal problems involving incidents with National Fuel.

Daloise was charged with assault and reckless endangerment on Jan. 4, 1994, for allegedly threatening to shoot a National Fuel employee with a .22 caliber rifle during an incident the previous December over a dispute with that company, Chella said.

Police were alerted to Daloise last summer after receiving complaints from neighbors about the racket he caused using a gas-operated generator on his patio to supply his home with electrical power, Chella said.

City building inspectors -- search warrant in hand -- checked out the house and found that the generator was hooked into the main switch box. The setup was in violation of city building codes, and resulted in the house being condemned, Chella said.

Cowell and Stack arrested Daloise on a theft of services charge and added the resisting arrest charge when he fought with them, Chella said. The generator noise also was found in violation of the city noise ordinance and resulted in the third charge, Chella said.

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