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In a team match, the way to pick up points in a hurry is to make game in both directions. If both contracts are doubled, so much the worse for the other team.

In today's deal, South at one table opened one club, and East-West found their heart fit and bid to five hearts. North doubled; but West, the declarer, managed to lose only a diamond and a spade, scoring 850 points.

At the second table, South opened five clubs, stopping East- West from getting together in hearts; all West could do was double.

South ruffed the second heart and led the four of spades. West played low to avoid giving South two spade tricks, and dummy's queen won.

Next came a torrent of trumps. When South led his last trump, West, with room for only three cards, had to keep the king of diamonds guarded and therefore bared the ace of spades. South then led a spade, forcing West to lead from the king of diamonds. South scored 550 in addition to his teammate's 850 points.

You hold: A 10 9 A K Q 3 2 K J 7 5 2 None. You open one heart, and your partner responds one spade. The opponents pass. What do you say?

A: Bid three diamonds, a jump shift that is forcing to game. If partner has a minimum response with the wrong cards, your eventual game contract may fail; but your gurus would hate to bid only two diamonds, not forcing, for fear that partner would pass.

North dealer

East-West vulnerable
Q 8 3 2
9 6 4
A 6 3
10 6 4
A 10 9
A K Q 3 2
K J 7 5 2
J 7 6 5
J 10 8 7
10 9 8
J 9
K 4
Q 4
A K Q 8 7 5 3 2
North East South West
Pass Pass 5 Dbl
All Pass
Opening lead -- K

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