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3:10 -- 1810 Willow Ave., aggravated harassment. Glenn P. Spencer said a woman punched him.

3:30 -- 361 Rainbow Blvd. North, parking ramp, larceny and criminal mischief. Daniel J. Reilly of Guelph, Ont., said someone broke into his car and stole a cellular telephone, a checkbook and $30 in merchandise.

4:10 -- 405 47th St., harassment. Thomas Reinbird of Wilson-Cambria Road, Wilson, said a man threatened to kill him.

4:45 -- 1800 Main St., criminal mischief. Kevin Colucci of Amy Drive, Wheatfield, said someone dented his car doors and fenders.

4:55 -- 10 Rainbow Blvd. South, Artisans Alley, petit larceny. Owner Joyce B. Daniels said someone stole a six-foot scarecrow from outside the store.

4:55 -- Rainbow Centre Factory Outlet mall, Polo store, arrest. Corry L. Renford, 18, of Centre Court, charged with petit larceny.

5 -- 7414 Niagara Falls Blvd., harassment. Angel M. Yancey of Lafayette Avenue said a woman called her an abusive name and pushed her.

5:55 -- 1824 Pierce Ave., harassment. Thomas I. Dier said a man jumped out of a car in a threatening manner at him because Dier had signaled for him not to drive so fast in an alley. 6:43 -- 243 15th St., burglary. Naomi J. Bowden said someone broke into her apartment and stole a television, a VCR and a stereo system.

7 -- 500 block of Ninth Street, harassment. Collette B. Medarov of Walnut Avenue said a woman punched her in the face.

7:11 -- 2202 Hyde Park Blvd., Coastal T-Mart, petit larceny. Someone pumped $7 worth of gas and left without paying.

8:30 -- 1350 Linwood Ave., arrest. Carlos D. Smith, 24, of 22nd Street, charged with disorderly conduct.

8:55 -- 400 19th St., arrest. James H. Schmahl, 16, of Falls Street, charged with failure to appear in court.


12:08 -- 1922 Falls St., arrest. Donte R. Dickey, 26, of Falls Street, charged with assault after Christine M. Strope of Falls Street said Dickey pushed and pulled her hair and bit her on the lip. Dickey was also charged with petit larceny after Jamie L. Clark of Falls Street said he took a pair of boots and jeans from her apartment.

1:37 -- Cedar Avenue and Portage Road, arrest. Mark J. Wilson, 29, of Rainbow Boulevard, charged with felony driving while intoxicated, driving on a sidewalk and passing a red light.

2:55 -- 124 Sixth St., arrest. Joseph C. Roberto, 23, of Rainbow Boulevard, charged with assault.

3:40 -- 7200 Niagara Falls Blvd., Tops market, arrests. Moe M. Adams, 33, of Linwood Avenue; and Patricia E. Caggeso, 38, of Roberts Street, Hamburg, charged with petit larceny.

6:30 -- 2674 Ontario Ave., criminal mischief. Ann Marie Panepinto said someone slashed seven tires on two of her cars in her driveway.

7 -- 1355 North Ave., burglary. Joycelyn Griffith said someone broke into her apartment and stole a stereo and speakers.

8:48 -- 520 Hyde Park Blvd., harassment. Debra Marie Grant, 40, of 37th Street, charged with harassment.

9:05 -- 520 Hyde Park Blvd., arrest. Evan H. Metcalf, 68, of Munson Avenue, charged with failure to appear.

9:15 -- 520 Hyde Park Blvd., arrest. Nicola Groomes, 29, of 13th Street, charged with three counts of failure to appear.

9:30 -- 1312 Walnut Ave., aggravated harassment. Brenda L. Reading-Russell said a woman calls repeatly on the telephone and recently threatened her.

9:30 -- 520 Hyde Park Blvd., arrest. Tina M. Dolson, 23, of Linwood Avenue, charged with failure to appear.

10 -- 413 13th St., arrest. Samuel L. Haslip, 40, charged with robbery and assault.

10:29 -- 11th Street and Ontario Avenue, arrest. Leslie Stone Jr., 55, of 10th Street, charged with aggravated unlawful operation of a motor vehicle, driving without insurance, driving an uninspected motor vehicle and failure to appear.

Time not listed -- 520 Hyde Park Blvd., arrest. Sabrina J. Kuna, 19, of 15th Street, charged with petit larceny.


12 -- 1625 Lockport St., Harry F. Abate Elementary School, harassment. A teacher said a student who was confined to a room for misbehaving grabbed her by her clothes and demanded keys to the room.

12:38 -- 1544 Ashland Ave., burglary. Katrina S. Henderson said someone broke into her apartment and stole a microwave oven, a television, $60 and meat.

1 -- 1500 block of Ontario Avenue, harassment. Lisa M. Burns, 31, of Niagara Avenue, said a man she was riding with threatened her.

2:15 -- 1110 James Ave., aggravated harassment. Daniel P. Boland said someone has been making annoyance telephone calls to his home for past three weeks.

2:20 -- 520 Hyde Park Blvd., arrest. Alexander Matthews, 24, of 13th Street, charged with unlawful possession of marijuana.

2:20 -- 520 Hyde Park Blvd., arrest. John W. Rossman, 19, of 78th Street, charged with violation of parole.

2:28 -- 1130 Cleveland Ave., petit larceny. Shawn M. Pryor of Cleveland Avenue said someone stole his female pit bull.

2:58 -- 502 Main St., USA Mini Mart, larceny. Manager Ron C. Ashker said a woman took $600.

3:30 -- 1720 Fourth St., reckless endangerment. Stephanie R. Rodgers of 81st Street said a man pulled a knife and slashed at her.

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