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Remember when every girl at school wanted to get her hair cut like Jennifer Aniston of "Friends"?

Or when you and your friends checked out the malls for shrunken T-shirts, slip dresses and baby barrettes like the ones Tori Spelling used to wear on "Beverly Hills, 90210"?

Or when some people copied the offbeat grungy looks of the actors from "My So-Called Life"?

That was yesterday's fashion news. Today, teens have a whole new list of trendsetters whose style they admire.

And with new shows such as "Dangerous Minds," "Relativity" and "Clueless" on the air, even more style stars will undoubtedly emerge. On "Dangerous Minds," for example, we're talking lots of young, urban street wear -- denim, midriff-baring tops, hoods, sweat shirts with the sleeves chopped off, cool jewelry, plaid shirts.

So whose style do local teens admire?

Kimberly Baldwin, an eighth-grader at the Buffalo Academy of the Visual and Performing Arts, said she really likes the style of TLC lead singer Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins.

T-Boz, who wears her hair cropped and blond, has been featured as one of People magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People."

"I think the way she dresses is unique; she doesn't really care what anybody else thinks. She is independent with her style. I copy her style because she is my role model," Kimberly said.

"I wear a lot of bell bottoms that have wide legs, platform shoes, half tops with bell sleeves and spider-web shirts with T-shirts under them like she does. And I have her haircut," Kimberly said.

Other teens admire Alanis Morissette, Mariah Carey and Tori Amos. One teen said she especially likes singer/actress Brandy's style -- inside and out.

"I think that Brandy is a very good trendsetter, mentally and physically," said Kortney Clark, 15, a sophomore at Williamsville East High School.

"Mentally because she knows that people are watching her. She knows that she is a role model and people follow her example. She tries her very hardest to do her best, unlike other musical stars, actors and actresses who get a big head about it. She realizes what she does and uses it for a positive image," Kortney said.

"I also believe that she is a very good trendsetter because she dresses very nicely. She doesn't dress too old for her age and not too kiddie-like, either. I don't particularly copy her style, but I think she dresses very well," she added.

Others turn to TV for their favorite style-setters.

Ninth-grader Justin Santora sees his at 8 p.m. Sundays on Channel 2.

"I think the person who wears the coolest clothes is the guy Tommy (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) from '3rd Rock From the Sun,' " said Justin, 14, who lives in the Town of Tonawanda and attends Kenmore East High School.

"It looks so cool -- all the shirts he wears and the pants and the hat. It's so cool. Even though I don't copy his style, I still think it's cool," he said.

A few teens follow the model scene.

Fourteen-year-old Jennifer Poitras, for example, likes the style of the current Estee Lauder model.

"The biggest trendsetter that I think is really great is Elizabeth Hurley," said Jennifer, a ninth-grader at Buffalo Academy of the Visual and Performing Arts.

"She can just wear anything. She wears the coolest colors -- like lemons and limes and whites. Everything always looks good on her," she said.

It's not so much what Elizabeth Hurley wears in the magazine advertisements; it's what she wears in real life, Jennifer added.

"I always see her on shows like 'Extra' and 'Entertainment Tonight.' They always show her at places like the Oscars wearing the coolest dresses. I don't copy her style; I just really like it," she said.

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