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4:01 -- 10th and Niagara streets, larceny. Vatrina A. Simmons said someone took her bike from the sidewalk.

4:48 -- 7414 Niagara Falls Blvd., Target, petit larceny. A security officer said two youths tried to leave without paying for $165 worth of jewelry.

5:21 -- 3029 Niagara St., arrest. Lowell B. Dailey, 45, charged with menacing after Shannon M. O'Dell said he threatened to shoot her.

5:35 -- 6817 Niagara Falls Blvd., arrest. Nicholas A. Tanyi, 17, of Buffalo, charged with failure to yield, passing a red light, reckless driving and no license.

6 -- Rainbow Bridge, arrest. Steve Vajda, 36, of Buffalo, detained on a warrant for U.S. Immigration.

9:21 -- 2000 block of Tennessee Avenue, menacing and assault. A woman said a man punched her in the face, choked her, and hit her in the back of the head with a frying pan. He also put a knife to her throat and threatened to kill her.

10 -- 259 70th St., larceny. Kim M. Wilson said someone took her truck from the driveway after she left the keys in it.

10:15 -- 726 Linwood Ave., arrest. Welby E. White, 48, charged with criminal mischief after a woman said he kicked the apartment door in.

10:37 -- 700 block of Walnut Avenue, petit larceny. Dorothy L. Bagley said someone took two duffel bags with personal papers and clothing from her car.

10:45 -- 710 Third St., bingo hall, harassment. Tina L. Averhart said a woman struck her in the face.

10:49 -- 444 19th St., burglary. Lance D. Carter said two men broke into Janise G. Rivers' apartment and left with a videocassette recorder.

11:25 -- 1055 Cleveland Ave., arrest. Frederick M. Johnson, 27, of Rochester, charged with sexual abuse and attempted rape.


2:15 -- 2478 Niagara Ave., arrest. Jerald P. Graff, 64, of Niagara Avenue, charged with unlawful imprisonment.

3:27 -- 410 Cedar Ave., arrest. Jamie P. Smith, 21, of Niagara Falls, Ont., charged with criminal mischief and burglary.

6 -- 16B Peach Commons, assault. Ronald E. Carter said he put Sylvester Means into a cab and later found him on the ground with a cut hand.

6 -- 33 S. Hyde Park Blvd., criminal mischief and larceny. A representative of Matlack Inc. of Concord, Calif., said someone broke into a company truck and took some tools and a CB from the dashboard.

6:05 -- 1319 Main St., Why Coffee Shop, burglary and criminal mischief. David L. Perrigo said someone broke the front door window, broke into a candy machine and took an unknown amount of change.

8 -- Packard Court, criminal mischief. A representative of the Cataract Little Loop said someone dented three doors of a food stand and wrote "North Buffalo" on them.

10:05 -- 4119 McKoon Ave., petit larceny. Roberta J. Mackie said someone took her son's bike from the alley.

10:10 -- 10C Jordan Gardens, arrest. Clairetha Ferguson, 43, of Jordan Gardens, charged with criminal mischief after Rahsheena N. Jones said she threw a rock through her kitchen window.

10:28 -- 243 15th St., harassment. David A. Craig said a man snatched a bike away from him, and slapped him in the face.

10:30 -- 1 Prospect St., arrest. Franklin D. Johnson Jr., 26, of Ontario Avenue, charged with harassment and failure to appear.

10:30 -- 2500 block of Niagara Street, assault. Kelli L. Reid said a woman jumped her and cut her face.

11:10 -- Royal Avenue, arrest. Debra M. Grant, 40, of 37th Street, charged with failure to appear, and failure to pay fines and a surcharge.

11:35 -- 243 15th St., arrest. Debra Campbell, 40, of Jordan Gardens, charged with failure to pay a fine and surcharge.


12:10 -- 1669 Ontario Ave., criminal mischief. Stacey L. Crayton said someone cut her apartment door screen and tossed raw eggs at her apartment door.

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