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The Counting Crows have a new album, now that songwriter Adam Duritz has overcome his writer's block.

"Recovering the Satellites," the group's first effort since its 1993 debut "August and Everything After," hits the stores this month.

Duritz, who is also the band's lead singer, says he stopped writing for two years after enduring insults from strangers.

"I couldn't go out. I couldn't go to bars. Everybody had to give their opinion about me," he told Time magazine in its Oct. 21 issue.

Once, "for seven days in a row, someone walked up to me on the street and said something (mean). Just out of the blue, people I didn't know. . . . It freaked me out that someone cared enough about hating me to come up to me on the street and say it to my face."

The band's debut album, which sold more than 6 million copies, featured the Grammy-nominated "Round Here."

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