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I am saddened to no end at the decision in the Roberto Alomar incident. Saddened, but not surprised.

I have always had a great love of baseball. I loved playing it as a child and a young adult, and have watched as much as I could. Obviously, living in Buffalo, it makes it a bit difficult to be a "ballpark fan." I am more of a "living-room fan." My love of the game, however, would rival that of a fan from New York or Atlanta, who can go to a game whenever they wish.

Growing up with the game of baseball, I have learned many values. I have learned a sense of fair play, teamwork, hand-eye coordination, athletic skills and healthy competition.

I wonder what the children of the world learned from Alomar. Perhaps, they learned that if they spit in the face of an authoritative figure, nothing but a small fine will occur. Perhaps they learned that if you make enough money, the laws of common decency do not apply to you. Perhaps they learned that authority will let them down, when it comes to justice.

What is the matter with a society that teaches children to be fair with one another, and that their actions will always have consequences, yet gives them a message like they got from Alomar?

This is not the first major problem with baseball. The strike of a few years ago really broke my heart, and cheapened baseball forever. These prima donnas (including owners, agents, and lawyers) care more about money than their integrity.

Shame on all of you who don't realize who is watching, and what message you are all sending them. In my book, you all deserve a good spanking.

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