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Her dreams could be history making, but in some cases Bernice Golden would rather not have them. For here is a psychic who admits that at times her gift is a curse. Golden can't help that; she tells it like she sees it.

Had any dreams lately?

I had a dream that I was walking through a city, one I didn't recognize, and I saw bombs. I woke up. I went back to sleep, only to start where I left off. I saw bodies and crumpled buildings and I started to cry and I woke up again. I had a glass of water, went back to bed and picked it up again. It was like I had to see this. I found myself standing close to a gully, which turned out to be a foxhole, and I could see all the soldiers. It was in the Kuwait area. I had predicted that Hussein would make everything look fine, and he would attack, like a snake coming out of the grass.

Any other catastrophes?

I hope I'm wrong. The effect of this will be very, very bad for two years. The third year, the economy will start coming back again. It's not a very pretty world out there.

Are you fearful?

I'm not fearful; I know when I'm going to die. I know what from. Death doesn't scare me. I just don't like seeing myself suffer. I have an extremely high tolerance for pain and my mind can usually take me away. What bothers me the most about dying is losing my mind.

You could make a killing in the lottery.

Every once in a while, I'll buy tickets. If I need $100 to make a payment on something, I'll get that $100. I never get extra. When I was a child, my gramma said that if I ever use this gift for total material gain, my gift would be taken away. I love to gamble. I love the slot machines, but I always seem to break even. If I go to Atlantic City, I usually just wind up paying for the trip.

When was the last time you had goose bumps?

About two hours ago. That happens a lot. It's a confirmation that you're accurate on what you're feeling. Very common in my field.

Onto the predictions. What's hot on the science front?

An unusual laser treatment using colors and heat treatments. For instance, heart ailments would be a yellow color. The electric cars that will enter the market will be unbelievable. Oh my God, are they going to hit hard and fast. Ford will hit stronger than any other company. By '95, everyone will be going out to buy an electric car. By the year 2000, mostly solar cars.

Any thoughts on fashion?

I felt a special material being designed that's ultra-thin but can not be seen through. Very metallic and will be used for heat and cold and can be worn year-round. Tight cummerbunds will be pretty much in fashion next year, low-cut blouses, too. Men eventually -- are you ready for this -- will be just what you see in "Star Trek." The tight leotards, probably in another six to eight years.


That quake in St. Louis will probably occur in 3 1/2 years; I hope it's not 3 1/2 months. Local tremors this summer between Lewiston, Hamburg, Erie and Jamestown. We'll have a blackout for a short term, too, around April or May.

Local economy?

I think we're looking at 6 percent of the small businesses leaving Buffalo this year and 27 percent just holding on.