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Dr. Tati Okereke has been in trouble with civil and legal authorities for much of his medical career.

1961 -- Arrival in United States from native Nigeria.
1963 -- Graduation from New York University.
1971-72 -- Chief resident obstetrics/gynecology Albert Einstein Medical School, where he earlier had graduated.
1973 -- Hired by Erie Medical Center as obstetrician/gynecologist.
1980 -- Fired by Erie Medical Center, reported to state for medical misconduct.
1981 -- Charged by the state Health Department with medical misconduct.
1983 -- Criminal charges filed by Erie County District Attorney in rape of patient and bribe to forget the incident.
1985 -- Criminal trial on rape and bribery charges ends in mistrial after an alternate juror claimed to have overheard two other jurors making racial reference to Okereke, a Nigerian.
1986 -- Second criminal trial on rape and bribery charges as well as sexual abuse and bribery involving another patient ends in acquittal.
1986 -- Found guilty by state Board of Regents on three counts stemming from 1981 charges: paying for referrals, not filing timely fetal death certificates, advertising or soliciting not in the public interest. License to practice medicine suspended for three years. Three months actual suspension, two years and nine months stayed, probation for three years, $15,000 fine.
1987 -- Appellate Division of State Supreme Court denies appeal of medical license suspension, as does Court of Appeals.
1988 -- Suspension of license for 1981 misconduct charges begins March 1.
1988 -- Criminal charges placed by Buffalo Police after Okereke's office Christmas party held at the Hyatt Regency Buffalo. Okereke was accused of drugging his office receptionist, molesting her and fighting with police who investigated. A bent syringe was found on the floor.
1989 -- Grand jury declines to bring charges related to Hyatt incident. Okereke's attorney says woman never called police to complain.
1989 -- State Health Department files misconduct charges stemming from rape and sexual abuse cases and the Hyatt incident under civil rules allowing a lesser standard of evidence. Sixty-count accusation also includes charges of making false applications to three hospitals, illegally prescribing drugs to himself and others, and practicing during his last suspension.
1990 -- State revokes medical license for a year after Okereke fails to pay $13,000 of $15,000 fine levied from 1988 suspension. Revocation announced July 27, Okereke not officially notified until Aug. 20.

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