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At the time of his slaying in 1985, bodyguard Robert DiGiulio was feuding with his wife over money and jewelry and had confided to friends that someone had tried to kill him, according to law enforcement sources.

DiGiulio told friends that gunshots were fired at him near a Genesee Street hotel in Cheektowaga in January 1985, about two months after his marriage, and that he was "worried" about his situation, according to sources who spoke only after being guaranteed anonymity.

The 32-year-old bodyguard wasn't living with his wife when he was slain on April 17, 1985, outside the Amherst home they owned, sources said.

But his wife had coaxed him to go out with her earlier that evening for dinner in Buffalo, sources said. And she now is accused of arranging his murder.

The "bad blood" between the DiGiulios erupted almost immediately after their Las Vegas marriage and the couple were fighting early in 1985 over possessions they had acquired together and separately, sources said.

According to the Erie County district attorney's office, the couple were married in November 1984.

For several months before DiGiulio was slain, a close family friend had been trying to get the feuding couple to reconcile, bringing them to his own house for talks about their marriage, sources said.

Jury selection resumes Wednesday in the murder trial of Luciano Charles "Dilly" Spataro, 57, who is accused of being the hit man in the killing.

Anita DiGiulio Marvin, who remarried after DiGiulio's death, is having a non-jury trial while a jury will decide Spataro's fate.

State Supreme Court Justice Frederick M. Marshall is scheduled to hear arguments Monday on efforts by Spataro's attorney to force the FBI to produce records on possible informant work that either DiGiulio or Mrs. Marvin performed in the 1980s.

Among the witnesses prosecutors have prepared to testify about the bad relations between the DiGiulios is Michael Pinelli, sources confirmed. He is the father of another murder victim, John Pinelli.

Last week, Pinelli accused Erie County prosecutors of misleading his family about the plea deal given to Buffalo mob informant William Koopman, 33, for his son's 1986 slaying.

Prosecutors dropped murder charges against Koopman in the Pinelli slaying and arranged for a 5-to-15-year prison term on a manslaughter charge.

Pinelli said his family was told Koopman, who is expected to be admitted to the federal witness program shortly, would serve at least 15 years.

Koopman is the key witness in the DiGiulio murder.

Pinelli, whose slain son was married to Spataro's daughter, declined to comment on his role as a prosecution witness in the DiGiulio case.

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