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So the Sabres finally made a trade. Big deal. If trades were measured like earthquakes this one would be called a tremor at best. Possibly a 0.1 on the Richter scale. All that we got was a modestly talented mucker (so Dudley can finally identify with someone) and a poor imitation of Larry Playfair.

This was all accomplished by treating yet another Sabres captain like something which flies are frequently seen perched upon. With the Sabres, this is becoming more of a Buffalo tradition than chicken wings.

We didn't trade for Peter Stastny last year because it was said we didn't want to "mortgage the future." Wow! This season really shows this was accomplished.

The real problem to me is Buffalo's label of "team talent." I think the Sabres talent has been overrated since as far back as the blizzard of '77. Sure the Sabres have some talent, but I think it's time everyone realized that the lack of better talent is the real reason that the Sabres never reached the heights of success that we expect.

Trades like this (especially at the expense of someone like Mike Foligno) can't be expected to accomplish much. I doubt whether the Bruins or Canadiens are shaking in their skates over this one.

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