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Last August, the citizens of Buffalo were shocked to learn about a powerful force that used naked aggression to undermine the legitimate power of a friendly government.

A ruthless and cunning leader demoralized his new subjects, began to install his own cronies in positions of power and started to dismantle an old and honorable society. Innocent people are being held hostage and there is much talk of a retaliatory strike.

Diplomatic channels do not seem to be producing any positive results. Sanctions are turning out to be meaningless and a Jan. 15 deadline for a negotiated settlement appears to be pie in the sky.

Meanwhile, an uneasy truce exists while the suffering and injustice continues. It's beginning to look as though a bloody confrontation is imminent. Unfortunately, both sides will suffer heavy losses. However, in an imperfect world, it is often necessary to stand up and put the bully back in his place.

Oh, I'm sorry. You thought I was talking about Saddam and the Middle East. Actually, I was referring to Jimmy and what he's done to the Board of Education and those of us who are teachers in Buffalo.

I sincerely hope that our mayor will come to realize that education is not a zero sum game. Every winner does not produce a loser. Cooperation designed to raise the collective standing of all concerned is the path that he should follow.


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