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Two county legislators have been renamed to prominent committee chairmanships by Legislature Chairman Lee Simonson, R-Lewiston.

Ronald L. Perry, R-Newfane, serving his sixth term on the Legislature, will continue as chairman of the Finance Committee.

Gerald E. Meal, R-Royalton, in his third term, will remain as head of the Public Works Committee.

Simonson received support for another term as chairman during a Republican caucus last week. He became chairman in 1990, after Republicans were elected in the 1989 elections to outnumber Democrats, 11-8.

In announcing the reappointments, Simonson said Perry is "highly respected among his colleagues for his (financial) expertise" and labeled him "the taxpayer's best friend."

He noted also that Meal, a former eight-year veteran on the Royalton Town Board, is well versed in handling public works projects and said that under his 1990 leadership "the county Public Works Department is operating at peak efficiency."

In other appointments, Philo J. Brooks, R-Porter, majority leader of the Niagara County Legislature, has been reappointed to serve as chairman of the Personnel Committee.

The committee establishes policy on county employment, hiring practices, the disposition of job vacancies and other personnel matters.

Marvin W. Wendt, R-Lewiston, again will serve as chairman of the Health Services Committee, which is responsible for administering the Public Health Department, the Mental Health Department, and the Drug Abuse and Hot Line agencies.

News Niagara County Bureau Reporter Neil Graves contributed to this report.

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