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Amherst not giving Christmas a chance

This letter is an effort to shed some light on the issue involving the Nativity scene which Amherst town lawyers have said cannot be displayed on public land.

The creche was erected on my property, Cochrane-Flynn Associates, at 5707 Main St. in the Village of Williamsville in 1985, 1986, 1987 and 1988. The reason that I offered my business property was because in 1984 "the forces" were active in Amherst and Christmas-bashing was in vogue.

The creche was not languishing with nobody to care for it, and the Rotary Club was diligently trying to keep the spirit of Christmas alive in the Town of Amherst but was being assailed from all sides. Hence, I became involved during those years. We sold the property in 1989.

It is indeed unfortunate that the members of the Town Board and the town attorney can't get their act together. The Buffalo News article reports at one point that the town attorney says "you can't have a religious symbol sitting alone on public property." But later in the article, a board member, proclaiming "the official policy," says that it can be set up on a Harlem Road site which is town property. You can see the ambivalence rampant in Town Hall.

What is more unfortunate is that nobody in the Town of Amherst wants to give Christmas a chance or to give the creche a home. This is certainly familiar as 2,000 years ago the same situation existed.


Banning of creche is an embarrassment

As residents of the Town of Amherst, we are very embarrassed about the creche that is normally displayed on Main Street at this time of year. The creche is a symbol of the true meaning of Christmas -- the birth of Christ. It is terrible to see that political games are interfering with the display of the creche.

Why is this, all of a sudden, such a big issue? There weren't any problems with this before, as this has been done for many years.

If Christmas were about Santa Claus or reindeer, then it would have been called something else. It's time for our Town Board to take a firm stand on this issue, and to continue to display what Christmas is really all about.


Christians ought to protest the decision

Once again, almost 2000 years later, there is "no room in the inn," this time in Amherst, N.Y.

According to a Dec. 12 Buffalo News article, Amherst doesn't seem to have an appropriate area to display a Nativity scene without offending someone or failing to comply with two recent Supreme Court rulings. The Rotary Club, to whom the Nativity set was sold, has had trouble placing it because of the town's delay in giving approval to a site. It might be offensive here, or there, or anywhere, and it must not suggest government support of a religion, so it sits behind an Amherst highway building.

What surprises me is that there is no voice of protest from the Amherst Christian community. Its silence is a victory for the opposition.


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