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Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, the 6th Duke of Westminster, says it isn't easy being Britain's richest man, adding he has to put up with the jealousy of many of his countrymen.

Although Grosvenor, 39, won't say exactly how much money he has, his fortune has been estimated at $8 billion.

"We have never released how much the estate is worth, . . . but clearly it does cause envy," he said in an interview Sunday on British Broadcasting Corp. radio. "I am acutely aware of that, and how one combats it I don't know. Envy is a human failing."

In addition to huge property holdings in London, he is a director of Claridges Hotel Ltd., Sun Alliance and the London Group.

But he noted that being rich isn't all bad, adding he received 500 marriage proposals by the time he was 21.

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