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Maybe we're weird, but this is the sort of question that wakes us up at night and won't let go.

What's the population of heaven?

Of all the unspecified billions of human beings who've traversed this vale of tears, how many of them ended up on God's good side?

We asked the experts.

Monsignor William G. Stanton, pastor of St. Ambrose Catholic Church, Buffalo: "Are you putting me on? I hope it's billions; I hope I'm among them someday."

Rabbi Steven S. Mason, of Temple Beth Am, Amherst: "I'd say I'll let you know, but . . . "

The Rev. Thomas P. Stewart, senior pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church, Buffalo: "You have really touched on something that just gives me the whimwhams every morning when I get up. (Seriously), I find that it doesn't concern me much. God calls me to do certain things in this life, and he's also the kind of God I believe, having given me life, intends not to take it away from me."

Stewart told of an elderly woman of his acquaintance, since deceased, who liked to hear the passage from John 14:2, "In my Father's house are many mansions." " 'I'm so pleased that there are many mansions,' she used to say. 'There are a number of people I hope I don't have to live with throughout eternity.' "

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