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Canisius basketball coach Marty Marbach has earned and deserves the contract extention that the college wisely has given him.

Marbach has brought to the school many of the qualities and accomplishments that made him a national champion at Villanova in 1985. Canisius selected Marbach from a national recruiting campaign that brought to Buffalo two of the top nationally recognized assistants in the country. Unlike other local schools, Canisius had enough vigor to look for the very best and conduct a full national search. For this they, too, should be credited.

In just a few short years Canisius has enjoyed greater scheduling, including powerhouses like Duke who will visit Buffalo next year. Perhaps scheduling very difficult opponents and the enhanced Metro Atlantic schedule cost Marty the support he deserves. Nevertheless, this season should prove the abilities of his recruiting classes.

Now it is good to see the recruiting of quality Big East-type players who Marbach is now signing in the early recruiting time. He is doing something only the top schools can do. Taking solid, four-year men as opposed to going to the junior college well is a credit to the improved situation at the Golden Dome. Marbach has also touched everyone as a quality person and a credit to the community and the college. While many national programs fall into question (SMU, Kentucky) it is good to see that the Canisius program is in good hands under the leadership of a coach that deserves the respect of the Buffalo sports fan, alumni and public.
Past President
Canisius Cage Club

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