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"Thank you" to the following contributors to The Buffalo News-Rotary Club Crippled Children's Camp Fund:
Previous Balance$30,173.89
In memory of our dads -- L.C. Mix and Frank T. Splain 200.00
In memory of son, Steven Harrington -- Dick and Sally Harrington 200.00
Anonymous 200.00
Richard Scott, Tonawanda 150.00
Bernice G. Dickey, North Tonawanda 100.00
In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wendt 100.00
Steve Lakomy, Kenmore 100.00
Donald J. Kinney, Kenmore 50.00
Madeline C. Knochenhauer, Williamsville 50.00
In memory of Frances and Carmelo Graziano -- John and Mayme Graziano 50.00
Edward L. Lade, Kenmore 50.00
In memory of Joseph Sheehan -- Virginia C. Youngberg, Cheektowaga 50.00
In memory of Floyd A. Wellington 50.00
Clint and Doris Johnston, Kenmore 50.00
Aurora Hot Shots, East Aurora 50.00
Joseph E. Gramlich, Town of Tonawanda 50.00
In memory of Vernon Piehler -- from family 50.00
In memory of our parents -- Dudley and Stella Smith, Blasdell 50.00
In memory of niece, Irene Halizak, who died July 19, 1989, in a fiery United Airlines plane crash, Flight 232 in Sioux City, Iowa. -- Hank and Helen Kosowski50.00
Arthur Markwardt, North Tonawanda 50.00
Kenneth S. Cowlin, Hamburg 35.00
On behalf of our six healthy grandchildren -- John and Helene Wodzinski, Lake View 35.00
Richard L. Friend, Tonawanda 35.00
Phyllis N. Hall, West Seneca 35.00
In memory of David -- Roger and Barbara Maynard, Elma 25.00
Helene Lewandowski, Cheektowaga 25.00
Productive Services, Cordovano company 25.00
The Bevilacquas 25.00
In memory of Nelson Griswold -- Evelyn P. Griswold 25.00
In memory of Anna and Henry Maisel -- Beverly Goldsman 25.00
Edward P. Hettich, Eggertsville 25.00
Catherine F. Goldman 25.00
In memory of Bill -- Barbara Schoening, Depew 25.00
Karl J. Schuppenhauer, North Tonawanda 25.00
In memory of Helen Wysocki -- Jim and Mildred Strain, Niagara Falls 25.00
Henry and Emily Stanek, Cheektowaga 25.00
Jack Paterson, Williamsville 25.00
Fred Astmann, Cherry Hill, N.J. 25.00
In memory of Daisy and all the others 25.00
In memory of Andrew and Hilda Kilger -- Mr. and Mrs.Ronald Kilger, Eggertsville 25.00
Henry A. Lesniak 25.00
In memory of our parents -- Mary and Donald V. Moore 25.00
In memory of David and Lois -- Esther G. Whitcomb, Warsaw 25.00
Jane W. Hunter 25.00
In memory of Dr. Thomas F. McDonnell -- Mr. and Mrs. Ted Pietrusik, Lackawanna 25.00
In honor of Jack Anthony and his staff and in memory of David M. Schwede -- Gertrude Schwede 25.00
Thomas J. McCarthy20.90
In memory of Harold and May -- Ann Codd, Orchard Park 20.00
In memory of Bonnie -- Alvin H. Graf 20.00
Norbert and Christine Kuntz 20.00
Raymond E. Carroll, Tonawanda 20.00
Cecelia Chlipala 20.00
Norma C. Moss, Orchard Park 20.00
In his name whose birthday we celebrate -- Ruth E. Westenfelder 15.00
For helping my grandson Christopher enjoy your camp -- Ann Willett, Depew 15.00
In thanksgiving for Beth, Jenny and Amy -- Angeline Czosek 15.00
In honor of my parents -- Doris E. Lee 15.00
Mr. and Mrs. Fred S. Kurzanski 15.00
In memory of our grandfather, Papa Harry -- Tracie and Amy 15.00
In memory of Luptak and Colello families -- Lou and Mary Colello, Lackawanna 15.00
Emily H. Crawford 15.00
Arlene S. Ziegelhofer, Cheektowaga 15.00
Eleanor P. Burke 10.00
Dorothy C. Miller, Hamburg 10.00
In memory of Katherine and Anthony Clauss and Evelyn and Thomas Clauss -- Earl and Rose May, Boston 10.00
James and Grace Tauriello 10.00
Henrietta Kaminski, Depew 10.00
Bonnie S. Krieger, Kenmore 10.00
From my grandchildren, Tina, Laura, Sara, J.R. and Davy 10.00
Jeanne O. Lawless 10.00
Martha Rinker, Williamsville 10.00
In memory of Estelle Finkheiner -- Ralph and Arlene Theurer, Williamsville 10.00
Ruth H. Hoffman, Kenmore 10.00
Tony and Diane Caruana 10.00
Mary Niland Conley, Tonawanda 10.00
Katheen A. Temple, Angola 10.00
Henry W. Barnas, Lackawanna 10.00
Pauline R. Santasero 10.00
Margaret A. Lomas, Tonawanda 10.00
Wilma R. Kandefer, Orchard Park 10.00
Florence L. Momot, Depew 5.00
In memory of Sam Vaticans -- Patricia Liberatore, Blasdell 5.00
In memory of Rod and for five healthy grandchildren -- Winifred L. Miller, Alden 5.00
Eleanor G. Dus 5.00
Sophie A. Kaczynski, Blasdell 5.00
Mildred Zablotny, Cheektowaga 5.00

Todays Total:$2,910.90
Grand Total:$33,084.79

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