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BUFFALO AT NEW YORK GIANTS -- Bills: CB Kirby Jackson (hamstring), CB David Pool (knee) are questionable; LB Hal Garner (ankle) is probable. Giants: Report no injuries.

WASHINGTON AT NEW ENGLAND -- Redskins: G Russ Grimm (shoulder), LB Wilber Marshall (hip) are probable. Patriots: LB Vincent Brown (ankle), T Stan Clayton (ankle), QB Tom Hodson (finger-right hand) are questionable; T Bruce Armstrong (ankle), LB Ilia Jarostchuk (hand), LB Ed Reynolds (ankle) are probable.
CINCINNATI AT LOS ANGELES RAIDERS -- Bengals: S Rickey Dixon (leg) is out; QB Boomer Esiason (groin), RB Craig Taylor (ankle) are questionable; RB James Brooks (shoulder), RB Ickey Woods (ribs), RB Harold Green (shoulder), S David Fulcher (back) are probable. Raiders: Report no injuries.

HOUSTON AT KANSAS CITY -- Oilers: DE Glenn Montgomery (ankle) is questionable: RB Allen Pinkett (groin), DT Doug Smith (back), T Dean Steinkuhler (elbow) are probable. Chiefs: RB Christian Okoye (shoulder), CB Albert Lewis (ankle), RB Barry Word (shoulder), S Deron Cherry (knee), WR Fred Jones (ankle) are questionable; CB Kevin Ross (knee), LB Rob McGovern (thigh), LB Derrick Thomas (knee) are probable.

INDIANAPOLIS AT NEW YORK JETS -- Colts: DE Jon Hand (knee) is doubtful; NT Harvey Armstrong (knee) is questionable; LB Chip Banks (neck) is probable. Jets: LB Joe Kelly (knee) is doubtful; G Mike Haight (toe), T Brett Miller (hamstring) are questionable; RB Blair Thomas (heel), OL Trevor Matich (abdomen) are probable.

SAN DIEGO AT DENVER -- Chargers: NT Tony Savage (knee-injured reserve) is out; WR Nate Lewis (wrist) is doubtful; S Lester Lyles (knee), NT Les Miller (back), WR Walter Wilson (thigh) are questionable; C Frank Cornish (chest) is probable. Broncos: CB Kevin Clark (ankle-knee) is doubtful; TE Orson Mobley (ankle), T Ken Lanier (knee), G Jim Juriga (back) are questionable; T Dave Widell (groin), LB Karl Mecklenburg (knee), S Steve Atwater (knee), QB John Elway (right elbow), RB Steve Sewell (shoulder), LB Anthony Thompson (thumb), S Dennis Smith (wrist), LB Marc Munford (elbow) are probable.

SEATTLE AT MIAMI -- Seahawks: C Grant Feasel (neck), RB Derrick Fenner (knee) are probable. Dolphins: WR Scott Schwedes (shoulder) is out; RB Tony Paige (ankle) is doubtful; S Jarvis Williams (toe), NT Shawn Lee (elbow) are questionable.

GREEN BAY AT PHILADELPHIA -- Packers: QB Don Majkowski (right shoulder), DE Blaise Winter (knee) are out; WR Charles Wilson (knee), WR Sterling Sharpe (ribs), LB Tony Bennett (ankle), LB Burnell Dent (ankle) are probable. Eagles: RB Heath Sherman (back) is doubtful; S Terry Hoage (back), G Ron Solt (ankle), G Mike Schad (toe), QB Randall Cunningham (thigh), RB Keith Byars (knee), DT Mike Golic (elbow-ribs) are questionable.

PHOENIX AT DALLAS -- Cardinals: RB Johnny Johnson (ankle) is questionable. Cowboys: CB Issiac Holt (back), DT Danny Noonan (groin) are questionable; DE Jim Jeffcoat (hand) is probable.

MINNESOTA AT TAMPA BAY -- Vikings: WR Hassan Jones (toe) is probable. Buccaneers: Report no injuries.

CHICAGO AT DETROIT -- Bears: DT Dan Hampton (knees) is doubtful; CB Donnell Woolford (ankle) is questionable; CB Vestee Jackson (leg), WR Ron Morris (chest), DE Tim Ryan (leg) are probable. Lions: LB Dennis Gibson (arch) is out; CB Bruce Alexander (heel) is doubtful; T Lomas Brown (ribs), KR-WR Mel Gray (shoulder) are question
able; S William White (ribs), WR Aubrey Matthews (shoulder) are probable.

ATLANTA AT CLEVELAND -- Falcons: CB Roland Mitchell (leg) is doubtful; DE Mike Gann (foot), LB John Rade (hip) are probable. Browns: DT Chris Pike (knee) is doubtful; CB Mark Harper (hamstring), TE John Talley (knee), CB Frank Minnifield (heel) are questionable; WR Webster Slaughter (knee), CB Stephen Braggs (thigh), RB Kevin Mack (toe) are probable.

PITTSBURGH AT NEW ORLEANS -- Steelers: WR Louis Lipps (back), RB Harry Foster (ankle) are questionable; T Tunch Ilkin (back), G Carlton Haselrig (ankle), RB Tim Worley (shoulder) are probable. Saints: TE John Tice (knee) is doubtful; RB Dalton Hilliard (knee) is questionable; T Kevin Haverdink (knee), Toi Cook (thigh) are probable.
SAN FRANCISCO AT LOS ANGELES RAMS -- 49ers: S Chet Brooks (knee) is out; S Ronnie Lott (knee) is doubtful; NT Michael Carter (knee), RB Harry Sydney (ankle) are probable. Rams: TE Damone Johnson (hamstring), FB Buford McGee (knee) are probable.

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