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Kasey was a black Labrador dog. She was not a purebred, but she displayed the boxed nose and strong body associated with the Labrador line. She entered our family in May 1989 as a birthday gift to my wife. Kasey grew fast, and we all grew attached to her company. Kasey was a beautiful dog.

Last June 19, a truck, traveling fast, struck and killed Kasey. She died almost instantly of a broken neck. This event has changed my life forever.

I am a part-time college student and was at school when my wife called to tell me. I knew as soon as I picked up the phone something was wrong. Dropping all my work, I fled to my car and drove home only to see my best friend on the side of the road under two 30-gallon plastic bags. Her image is imprinted in my mind to this day. Whenever I enter the school's parking lot, I recall the day I saw Kasey last.

Her body was limp. "What can I do?," I asked myself, "I must get her out of the view of our children."

Picking her up by her paws, I carried Kasey to a secluded part of the woods on my property. Here I dug a deep hole and buried a part of my life.

Emotions of anger, a sense of loss and sadness rushed through my mind. All I wanted to do was try to comprehend why we should suffer this loss. Kasey never hurt anyone. She was always willing to play ball or just spend time with a gently stroking hand. She deserved a longer life.

The hardest feeling to deal with is quiet around my house. My friend no longer welcomes me home from work; no longer carries her favorite ball to me. There is no one left to eat the bones left over from dinner or to sound an alarm when someone is at the front door. There is a void.

Emotions are hard to control, but they are a part of life. We enter into relationships and ignore the fact that every beginning has an end. But I will try to find it in my soul to deal with this. The good memories will have emphasis, and Kasey will never be forgotten.


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