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Q I TOOK OUT A LOAN for my car in 1983 through the General Motors Acceptance Corp. and paid it off in 1987.

When I owned the car, the engine blew and I had to have it replaced. Needless to say, this set me back financially and I was late with my car payments for two months.

The problem is that my credit report with TRW is showing that the car was repossessed, when in fact it was being repaired at that time. I have written several letter to GMAC enclosing the necessary documentation, including loan-extension agreements, to prove to them that I had possession of the vehicle when they claim they did.

All of my letters have been written to them since they are the ones responsible for reporting credit information to TRW and they are the ones that must correct this error. GMAC claims that their records show that the car had been repossessed, but that is impossible because the car was in the shop during the period they claim they had taken it.

I have asked them for proof and they have given me none. This is completely ruining my credit record and anything you can do to get a response from GMAC would be appreciated.

-- R.A., Williamsville
A WE DON'T KNOW when you started your attempts to communicate with GMAC but there is no excuse, and they agree, for their failure to take care of this problem for you earlier.

We're told by D.F. Halloran, control branch manager for GMAC here, "We have contacted this customer and explained that we are currently instructing the credit bureaus to reflect his payment history only -- which was five times over 30 days late and two times over 60 days late, and to delete the repossession rating.

"I apologized to him that he had to write to GMAC on four separate occasions prior to obtaining a satisfactory response. I assured him that this is not GMAC's policy and apologized further for any inconvenience this may have caused."

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