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The 19th game of the world chess championship, scheduled for today, was postponed at the request of Anatoly Karpov, who has fallen behind in the series.

Following Karpov's loss Sunday to reigning champion Garry Kasparov, the score stands at 9.5 for Kasparov and 8.5 for Karpov, with a maximum of six games left to play.

It was the third time Kasparov has moved ahead of Karpov in the series.

The series began Oct. 8 in New York and Kasparov won the second and 16th games, with Karpov evening the score with wins in the seventh and 17th games.

All the other games have been draws.

The first player to gain 12.5 points (victories count for a point, ties for a half point) wins the championship and $1.7 million of a $3 million purse. In the event of a tie, Kasparov retains his title.

The 19th game will be played Wednesday, organizers said.

Experts said that Kasparov, playing white, held the advantage when the 18th game was adjourned Saturday night after the maximum five hours of play. He made 17 more moves Sunday to win.

Karpov, weakened with the loss of a pawn he had sacrificed the day before, resigned in the 57th move.

Here are the moves in the 18th game:

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