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At the Lewiston-Porter School Board meeting Nov. 20, I heard an item of information that I haven't seen reported in the local media.

Board counsel estimated $13,000 had been spent on litigation regarding the censored Lew-Port High School mural, now famous from Boston to Florida.

Think about that for a moment. What's $13,000? I give you a few examples:

It would cover my school tax at present for 8.8 years.

It equals two average retirees' annual Social Security payments.

It could buy Lew-Port 10 IBM compatible computers.

It would buy 50 of any of the major word processing or business applications software.

It could have added 433 books to the Lew-Port library.

Think also about how many $1,000 bills will follow down the drain where the $13,000 went on a mission that may cause more than one judge to roll his eyes in disbelief.


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