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Anatoly Karpov shrugged off a bitter defeat and recovered with a dramatic win Wednesday to tie reigning chess champion Garry Kasparov in their match for the world title.

Kasparov, who had taken the lead in a marathon 102-move game that ended Tuesday, was completely routed by Karpov. The match is now tied at 8 1/2 . The next game is scheduled Saturday, with Kasparov having the advantage of the first move.

Karpov had conjured an attack from a position regarded by experts as completely harmless. He said afterward: "I just played. It was quite clear that Kasparov was not in good shape."

Kasparov rushed out his concluding moves in a desperate attempt to confuse Karpov, who had only a minute per move to make it to move 40 -- any slower and a forfeit would result. The champion's hopes clearly centered on Karpov's time shortage; he gave up as soon as Karpov reached the 40th move.

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